How important is mentoring in the development of accredited business school programmes?


A crucial component in the development of accredited business school programmes, mentoring is an essential tool for business school students and staff alike.

In this article, we discuss the importance of mentoring in the development of world-leading accredited business school programmes, along with the role of mentoring in personal leadership development.

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Mentoring for professional development

Mentoring is an essential tool when developing crucial leadership skills. An accredited business school will strive to prepare its students to become some of the sector’s best, most reputable leaders.

By implementing high-quality business school mentorship programmes, institutions can:

  • Improve post-graduate employment rates
  • Engage alumni
  • Increase the number of students finishing the course
  • Recruit talented, dedicated future leaders.

Accredited business schools actively inspire their students by providing them with a better understanding of the career paths and resources available to them. From offering CV and job-search advice to connecting students to a network of working business professionals, mentorship can lead to an improved educational experience.

Learn from the best

Mentorship enables students and graduates to learn from the very best. Whether it’s coaching students or young entrepreneurs, professionals can share their expertise, answer questions, and provide invaluable support and guidance.

Mentors can also offer opportunities for students to practise their leadership skills in real-world settings, either through engaging in workshops or attending industry events.

Build a personal brand

An outstanding mentorship programme can allow individuals to develop their personal approach to business. By working with exceptional business professionals, mentees can gain valuable insight into current best practices and receive guidance on navigating the complexities of professional life.

By investing in mentoring programmes, business schools can help students reach their full potential, setting them up for successful, long-lasting professional careers.

BGA membership

BGA membership can provide students and graduates of accredited schools with access to a range of tools, designed to support their professional development. Our career development centre supports individuals in building a powerful CV, finding the right job for them, assessing their career path and so much more.

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The role of mentoring in leadership development

Providing future leaders with the guidance, support and feedback required to succeed, mentoring plays a crucial role in leadership development.

Increase self-awareness

By helping mentees recognise their strengths, along with any areas of weakness, mentors can assist in increasing self-awareness, developing plans of action, and providing ongoing feedback throughout the programme.

Whether you’re looking to boost your confidence, improve your industry knowledge or develop your communication skills, your mentor can hold you accountable for your actions. An accredited business school should always be challenging its students, encouraging them to think critically, and making responsible choices that align with their future goals.

Improve communication & interpersonal skills

Mentoring is an excellent resource for students and graduates who are looking to develop their communication and interpersonal skills. This includes assistance in preparing for big presentations and guidance on how to manage emotions effectively in a professional setting.

Offer perspective

Based on their own experience, mentors can provide invaluable insight, perspective and approaches to problem-solving. By working with people from different personal and professional backgrounds, mentees can broaden their understanding of the field, developing a unique approach to business.

Premium services, built to encourage innovation

At the Business Graduates Association, we believe institutions should venture beyond conventional means of teaching and research. By joining the BGA network, your business school will become part of a global community with a shared commitment to positive impact, responsible management and lifelong learning.

Mentorship plays a significant role in what we do at the Business Graduates Association. We strive to encourage individuals to engage with professionals who once shared similar goals and aspirations.

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