Student and graduate membership – launching 2019

The student and graduate membership network is a free international platform dedicated to the professional and personal growth of current and upcoming business leaders. 

Launching 2019, the platform will form a unique movement that will aid in BGA’s vision to be the leading global movement for responsible management, positive impact and lifelong learning.

Students of BGA member Schools receive access to the following services, free of charge.


Professional development webinars

Join webinars that bring speakers from a diverse set of industries, and cover a range of topics that will help students and graduates develop in areas such as self-confidence, career planning, saving and investing, responsible management, and much more

Career development centre

BGA student and graduate members gain access to the bespoke career development centre, which supports in building a powerful CV, finding suitable jobs, assessing one’s career path, and learning about what skills employers are most in need of, among other industry trends.

Member content hub

Access content on professional development and career guidance specifically tailored to students and graduates of Business Schools. 

Social and learning events

Network with fellow business students and graduates at BGA’s regular social and learning events, all designed to empower the next generation of business leaders.

Register your interest for the upcoming student & graduate membership platform. 

Prerequisites to join:
• Must be a student or graduate of a member
Business School

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