Commercial opportunities

BGA Corporate Partnership and Sponsors’ Portfolio: A true collaboration bringing you unrivalled market visibility.

Becoming an AMBA & BGA corporate partner or sponsor, will provide you with a unique chance to access both our Business School and Graduate networks and be a key component in our mission to impact global and local communities, societies and economies through high-quality, innovative and responsible education and life-long learning. 

Working with BGA presents a unique opportunity for organisations supporting the higher education sector to leverage both a Business School and a student and graduate community for their marketing purposes.

Our membership network connects a wide variety of Business Schools and institutions, faculty, students, and graduates, and offers quality assurance services, professional development tools, research, and award-winning events.


BGA’s busy schedule of conferences and events is a key way in which we help improve to the quality of business education.

Thought leadership

Exposure through our thought leadership channels offers your organisation the opportunity to place company spokespeople alongside leadership greats and to get your brand and services in front of readers who are leaders at some of the world’s leading Business Schools.


BGA’s Research provides cutting edge information and understanding to the global Business School and wider business community. This includes Deans, senior Business School professionals, prospective and graduate MBAs, MBA employers and senior business managers.

Direct marketing

Leverage BGA’s channels to communicate to Schools, students and graduates

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