Issue 2 2023 Volume 16

Trust the process: Why managers must have greater awareness of how the concept of trust differs across cultures

Perfect partners: Highlights from BGA’s capacity-building workshop in Berlin on the topic of partnerships

Mind over matter: Can teaching students applied psychology help curb the damage caused by psychological problems at work? 

Business briefing: News, initiatives and research from across BGA’s global network

Spotlight on recent additions to BGA’s network: The Faculty of Economics at the University of Coimbra

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February 2023 Issue

Changing the mindset on sustainability: Transforming business communities by shifting minds on the impact of sustainability – highlights from a recent BGA workshop

Raising the roots of cultural difference: NEOMA Business School’s Sirio Lonati on the need to understand where cultural differences in leadership come from

Masterful performance: New research on admissions to business master’s programmes worldwide underlines a healthy demand for the qualification

Invested in impact: News of the winners of the AMBA & BGA Excellence Awards 2022/23

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November 2022 Issue


Taking care of planet Earth: José Maillet talks about Gaïa, Audencia’s new school of ecological and social transition, and the course it offers on its Grande École programme

Going for green: Executive director of CEMS Nicole de Fontaines on the skills needed to lead in the current environmental crisis

Modern times: Today’s business climate has exposed the presiding model of management education as being limited in scope, and in need of reinvention to better serve business and society, says BGA’s Victor Hedenberg

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August 2022 Issue

Creating cultures of change: To challenge traditional structures and content, leaders must first enable their institutions to embrace change, says London Business School’s Andy Craggs.

Student voice: Student feedback has been critical to the process of meeting learners’ evolving needs and remaining relevant, says Sherif Kamel, Dean of the School of Business at The American University in Cairo.

Partnering to support those in need: POLIMI Graduate School of Management’s Tommaso Agasisti outlines how partnerships with three Business Schools in Ukraine aim to provide continuity to students at a time of unimaginable unsettlement.

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May 2022 Issue

Business Schools’ impact on society: With dispatches from Antwerp, Vancouver, Cairo, Nagoya, Geneva and Paris, we look at how Business Schools from across BGA’s growing global network are striving to make positive contributions to society.

Business education in Hungary: How the Faculty of Economics at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest is meeting growing demand with an emphasis on preparing students to adapt.

How can Business Schools help combat inequality? Highlights from a recent AMBA & BGA roundtable on how business education can help curb a growing problem faced by global society.

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February 2022 Issue

How Business Schools can bridge the political divide?
Schools can no longer afford to ignore the intimate interrelationship between business and politics – and they must go beyond layering ESG perspectives onto standard business thinking.

How can Business Schools develop leaders that embody the change needed in the business world?
What makes the difference between those of us that simply complain and those of us that actively endeavour to make things better, for people and the planet?

What is the future of bachelor’s degrees in business?
Undergraduate expectations are evolving under the conditions imposed by Covid-19. Business Schools should see this as an opportunity to change their offerings for the better.

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November 2021 Issue

Protecting the digital wellbeing of Business School students: What could Schools do to look after the digital wellbeing of the new generation of remote and/or blended learners? Arden University’s Anthony Thompson considers potential solutions and explores how to engage students in an increasingly online environment.

Reaping the dividends of an increase in MBM programmes: Amid the transition to blended and online learning, exclusive BGA research shows Business Schools received more applications across an increased number of MBM programmes in 2020, although regional experiences for the format did vary. 

Mentorpreneurship – lifecycle support for students and innovators: Lifecycle mentorship that begins pre-university and continues far beyond graduation offers a golden opportunity to nurture ongoing communities of support for socially conscious entrepreneurs, says LJ Silverman, Head of LSE Generate.

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August 2021 Issue

Encouraging acceptance over assimilation: The unique perspectives brought to organisations by international students and workers may be tolerated in the first instance, but there are often expectations that newcomers assimilate to presiding norms over time. UCL School of Management’s Felix Danbold outlines why Business Schools should be ready to anticipate and address tensions.

Reaffirming the value of a global outlook: IBS-Moscow was quick to return to offering an in-person international module as part of its EMBA programme earlier this year. Programme Director and Associate Dean, Ashot Seferyan, explains why.

Leading with trust: Business isn’t capitalising on the benefits trust can bring. But students must be made aware of how trust relates to power and how leaders must govern themselves to retain it.

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May 2021 Issue

Responsible rankings: University of Bath School of Management Professor and expert in responsible business, Andrew Crane, on how rankings can effect positive change in the industry, and how to address current criticisms.

Changing times call for changing approaches at Business School: Nicolas Sauviat, winner of the BGA Future Leaders Case Competition 2020, calls on Business Schools to ensure cases reflect the changing world of business and help enable a generation of leaders that seek ‘meaning’ in their careers.

The dark side of confidence: Reining in pride is a crucial part of business education, says Rita Trehan, co-author of Too Proud to Lead.

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February 2021 Issue

Fuelling global collaboration with online technology: Universidad Anáhuac México (Mexico) on the ‘once-in-a-lifetime opportunity’ to be international without leaving your country.  

Increasing the reach and reputation of quality management education in Asia: NUCB Business School (Japan) on promoting the use of the case method and improve teaching quality among Business Schools in Asia. 

Connecting with communities to deliver value: The School of Management at the University of Bradford (UK) on the importance of using online technology to widen the reach of management education.

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November 2020 Issue

Are subscription models the solution for Business Schools?
AMBA & BGA Chair, Bodo Schlegelmilch builds on the notion of ‘degrees for rent’ in Business Impact’s sixth edition.

Business School communications in the time of Covid-19:
Communicating long-term plans is the biggest issue facing Business School communications professionals right now, says Stephanie Mullins, Associate Director at PR Consultancy, BlueSky Education.

Standing out from the crowd in the online education space:
Casilida Guell, Dean of Barcelona-based OBS Business School tells us how specialised online institutions can continue to differentiate themselves from the growing number of Business Schools that are shifting programmes online.

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August 2020 Issue

New research from AMBA & BGA: Exploring the structure of business schools, the qualifications they offer, and business school decision makers’ priorities for the rest of 2020 and beyond in new research from AMBA & BGA

Looking beyond Covid-19: BGA business schools discuss ways of moving management education on from initial responses to the pandemic to strategic planning for the future

Latin America: Building Business School partnerships in a global context 

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May 2020 Issue

Business Impact’s fourth edition explores the concept of integrating sustainability into business education from the perspective of senior Business School professionals, and features comments from St.Gallen, MIP, Imperial College Business School, and more.

An insight into the diversity and inclusion debate from a Business School in North Africa

A new view of what is required to support the open-mindedness of students

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February 2020 Issue

This edition leads with new and original AMBA & BGA research into application and enrolment data for business master’s (MBM) programmes across the world. 

It also features interviews with BGA validated and BGA member institutions in France, Spain and the Netherlands, as well as a look at what every business leader should know about geopolitics, and how one company is working to combat the adverse effects of fast fashion.


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November 2019 Issue

In this issue we explore the navigation of change and negotiating nuances.

We hear about the merits of nurturing entrepreneurial ecosystems that go beyond university campuses and support regions as a whole, in an interview with Gerard George, Dean of Singapore Management University’s Lee Kong Chian School of Business.

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January 2019 Issue

In this issue we explore Business School internationalisation; developing a strong faculty and research culture; strategic corporate social responsibility; the first part of BGA’s ground-breaking research into Business Schools working to close the global poverty gap; and interviews with a selection of multi-national employers on the skills and qualities they’re looking for from business graduates. 

Plus an exclusive interview with Indra Nooyi, Chairman of PepsiCo.


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