Offering Business Schools the flexibility to reach higher standards

If the time is not right for your Business School to go through a resource-intensive accreditation process, you may consider a lighter, yet highly effective quality assurance process called Validation.  Validation serves as a quality assurance process developed to assess a Business School’s performance against BGA’s Charter principles, and is considered a great stepping-stone to achieving accreditation.

Concentrated quality assurance

BGA is the only Business School quality assurance organisation to offer candidate Schools a middle ground between membership and full accreditation.

Validation serves as an excellent progression for Business Schools, as it aims to ensure that the Business School can demonstrate to external parties that it is reputable against independent international quality standards. 

Offsite assessment

The validation process is handled completely offsite, requiring no assessors to visit your campus or classrooms. Documents and files are also handled completely online using secure cloud-based technology, and assessments are held using the latest available software. 

Charter principles

The BGA Validation process employs BGA’s 9 Charter principles as the necessary criteria for Business Schools to achieve. Business Schools will be required to demonstrate they meet all the criteria set out in the Charter and have a strategic plan on how they can further improve against each principle. 

Stringent & efficient quality check

Validation’s low-cost and less intensive process means that it can be continually reviewed to ensure the Business School is meeting all the principles of the Charter. 

Successful attainment of Validation is dependent on an institution’s ability to provide required materials, however it can take as little as six months.

Graduate membership

As a validated (silver) member, up to 2 years of your graduates receive complimentary membership with BGA who will be able to leverage our professional development and responsible management learning. 

Silver status

Attaining validation earns the Business School ‘Silver status’ within the BGA. Silver status can be used to communicate the Business School’s achievements to external stakeholders such as employers, students and prospective faculty. 

Interested in getting started with the Validation process?

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