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Business Impact: How to answer tricky interview questions

How to answer tricky interview questions

Congratulations, you’ve been selected for interview – now comes the nerve-wracking part. Get some advice on preparing for, and answering, questions designed to explore your decision-making and reveal your potential

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Business Impact: The brave new world of hybrid productivity
organisational development

The brave new world of hybrid productivity

Leaders must spend time shaping their idea of what a hybrid working culture should look like and become a living example of the behaviours that define it, says Agility in Mind CEO, Andrew Jones

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Business Impact: Diversity - acceptance over assimilation with UCL School of Management

Encouraging acceptance over assimilation

The unique perspectives brought to organisations by international students and workers may be tolerated in the first instance, but there are often expectations that newcomers assimilate to presiding norms over time, says UCL School of Management’s Felix Danbold

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Business Impact: Building your career strategy

Building your career strategy

What do the terms ‘insider information’ and ‘high potential’ really mean? Kimberly Cummings, author of Next Move, Best Move, outlines what you need to know and why it’s important to put together your own career strategy

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