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Business Impact: Certain uncertainty

Certain uncertainty

With ambiguity comes new choices and we will need a new sort of leadership to nurture the green shoots of hope and replenish our world, says Thinkers50 Co-Founder Des Dearlove

Business Impact: How to become a beautiful leader

How to become a beautiful leader

Beauty expresses the idea that we can seek the good and manifest it in all that we create in this world, says Alan Moore, author of ‘Do Build’. Discover how ‘beautiful’ leadership can be a frame for business

Business Impact: How to practice conscious leadership

How to practice conscious leadership

A conscious leader is self-aware, radically responsible, and focuses on forging a positive impact while building a community of ‘we’ rather than a culture of ‘me’, says Marika Messager

Close up of a black and white chess game focusing on the pawns and the knights is symbolic to taking charge, planning, strategy, and challenge.

The new CEO playbook: five top tips when taking charge

The first months are crucial to a CEO’s tenure, but bold and decisive action designed to leave your mark may not be the best way forward. Marianna Zangrillo and Thomas Keil, co-authors of ‘The Next CEO’, present five tips to help new CEOs build the foundation for later success

A red businessperson leaning on a giant heel. Business Impact article image for only ethical leaders can study power safely.

Only ethical leaders can study power safely

Ethical leaders who value their souls need not fear the study of power. They are, in fact, the only ones who can study it safely, says Douglas Board, author of ‘Elites’ and Honorary Senior Visiting Fellow at the Business School of City, University of London


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