AMBA & BGA joint accreditation

Institutions in possession of AMBA accreditation can apply for AMBA & BGA joint accreditation. In exceptional circumstances, institutions new to both AMBA & BGA can engage in a AMBA & BGA joint accreditation, provided they meet all the eligibility criteria.

AMBA & BGA joint accreditation emphasises the importance of an institution’s overall impact and value creation for students, employers, and communities, with a focus on responsible management, while maintaining the same level of rigour found in AMBA’s accreditation of post-graduate business programmes. Achievement of joint accreditation allows institutions to demonstrate the quality of their MBA, as well as their responsible management practices, and positive impact on stakeholders. 

Undergoing a joint accreditation means that institutions need only one visit of highly experienced assessors, and combines required documentation from the two accreditations, thus reducing the amount of administrative work and tasks required.


The AMBA & BGA joint accreditation process consists of three stages to ensure Business Schools are fully prepared for the final assessment visit. Each stage exists to support the quality enhancement of the institution.


Institutions undergoing a joint visit have the benefit of a streamlined workload resulting in fewer documents produced than necessary. All documents serve as the footprint to the final assessment visit.

Assessment visit

The AMBA & BGA assessment visit consists of a two full day visit to the institution’s main campus by a Peer Review Team (PRT). The PRT consists of three assessors who belong to the AMBA & BGA Faculty of Assessors, a group of current and retired deans and directors with decades of experience concerning Business School education.

The institution will be given an agenda for the two days on how to address both the AMBA and BGA accreditation criteria.


How do I initiate joint accreditation?
If you are already AMBA-accredited with an upcoming accreditation, you can request to undergo a joint visit. Institutions must speak to the AMBA accreditation department regarding their wish to undergo a joint visit. A letter of intent as well as cost schedule must be signed to officially begin the process.

How much does it cost?
For fees concerning joint accreditation, please visit the fees page here.

How long is the joint accreditation process?
Adequate preparation for joint accreditations typically takes at least a year; thus, we recommend institutions with less than a year to their re-accreditation date to not initiate the joint accreditation process, although this may be possible in certain circumstances. Contact your AMBA & BGA accreditation director for further information.

What additional aspects are covered in a joint accreditation?
The additional aspects considered, upon what’s already covered during the AMBA accreditation process, include the submission of a second sample programme, the institution’s positive impact on stakeholders, integration of sustainability, responsible management teaching and practices, and lifelong learning opportunities.

What are the eligibility criteria?

Institutions must meet both the AMBA and BGA eligibility criteria in order to initiate the accreditation process.

            BGA eligibility:

– The institution must have been in continuous operation for at least five years
– The institution must have possess degree awarding powers          
             – The institution must have been graduating at least three student cohorts from one of its degree programme
             – The institution must have audited financial statements that prove it is financially sustainable in the long term.

             AMBA eligibility:

             – The institution must have been graduating MBA students for a minimum of three years
             – 50% of the entire faculty must possess a doctoral qualification
             – Students admitted to the MBA are expected to have a minimum of three years relevant postgraduate work experience
             – The MBA student cohort size must consist of at least 20 students
             – The total amount of contact hours is expected to be at least 500 hours, with the total learning hours expected to be 1,800 hours

How long are the assessment visits?
The joint visit itself takes two full days, involving discussions with all stakeholders, including the leadership of the institution, faculty, key employers, and students and graduates from the sample programmes. By undergoing a joint accreditation, institutions save both time and money, with an opportunity to achieve accreditation for the MBA programme, and the institution as a whole.

What if an institution is weaker in one accreditation than the other? How does that impact the results?
AMBA & BGA joint accreditation is coterminous. For example, if the assessment team recommends a re-accreditation cycle of five years for BGA but three years for AMBA, then the final re-accreditation decision for the joint visit will be three years.  

How does the CIM function within the joint accreditation framework?
An AMBA & BGA joint accreditation does not require a full CIM to be completed for currently accredited AMBA Business Schools, however, they are expected to outline and measure at least five impact metrics, which are aligned to its mission and strategic objectives. The metrics must be included in the BGA SAF.

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