Three Tiers

The Business Graduates Association employs a flexible educational membership model that clearly displays a business school’s status and achievements. The level of a business school’s achievement communicates transparency, and is at the forefront of our vision in promoting business schools who undertake quality assurance processes such as our continuous improvement, validation, and accreditation options.

BGA business school membership benefits

View and compare the differences between the three tier membership levels available to business schools 


Programme Consultancy Review

Mentorship from world-leading experts *additional fees apply for membership

Discounted rates on award-winning events all around the world

Facilitated networking

Free access to exclusive regional Capacity Building Workshops

Read and feature in Business Impact magazine

Business school listing on BGA’s School Search

Marketing and PR support

Business school development webinars

Student membership

Graduate membership

BGA Charter quality assurance review (validation)

International quality assurance recognition

Continous Impact Model for continuous improvement

Peer-review school consultation

BGA Gold Accreditation and certificate of accreditation and impact report

Bronze: Educational member

Business schools that register as educational members of BGA automatically become bronze members. 

In order to achieve bronze membership, business schools must subscribe and commit to BGA’s Charter Principles, which are built around integrity, social responsibility, economic impact, and continuous improvement. 

Educational membership is focused on giving business schools continuous improvement tools that will aid them in meeting the Charter. These comprise consultancy and development, networking, and access to proprietary research. Educational membership is the required stepping stone to achieve validation or accreditation.

Silver: Validated

Business schools can achieve silver status BGA membership upon completion of the validation process.

Validation is a concentrated quality assurance that assesses a business school’s ability to meet the principles in BGA’s Charter. This ensures that the business school can clearly demonstrate that it meets the demands of the economy. 

Silver status allows business schools to transfer free student and graduate membership to up to two years of their graduated alumni. 

Gold: Accredited

Gold status is awarded to business schools that achieve full accreditation with BGA and can demonstrate that they have positive impact on student development. 

The rigorous, yet highly rewarding, accreditation process requires business schools to meet a series of key principles, which demonstrate the business school’s level of quality, and involves assessment visits that thoroughly audit the business school and its programmes. 

Gold status allows a business school to transfer free student and graduate membership for up to five years of their graduated alumni.

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For questions about becoming a member, please contact:

Victor Hedenberg

Membership Director

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