Business Schools

Taking business education forward into the fourth industrial age

BGA offers a tiered membership and quality assurance process for Business Schools, designed to increase their impact on students, communities and the economy.

We offer a cost-effective, yet rigorous process that helps enhance a Business School’s readiness for future employer demands and showcase quality to external stakeholders.


Business School membership offers consultancy-led services aimed at supporting programme development, increasing student recruitment numbers and implementing responsible management principles. 


Validate your Business School against the BGA Charter and its principles. 

This diligent, yet less meticulous, assurance process emphasises continuous improvement, generating value for stakeholders, and incorporating responsible management practices into programme and institution level learning.


Our rigorous and holistic accreditation service is focused on increasing the impact of your Business School across five key areas while ensuring it implements a balance in teaching soft and hard skills, and has a focus on developing responsible managers and highly capable business leaders.

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