Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing

Do you have objectives and an idea of the results you want to see from the Business School community? If you want to drive traffic to your website, increase sales and brand awareness in the Business School space, a BGA email or bespoke e-shot offers a solid solution.

Each month, BGA distributes a variety of emails and online newsletters to our communities of Business School leaders, Business School students and graduates. These campaigns can be wide-ranging or tailored and niche as appropriate.

A person holding a lightbulb behind a pink and blue sky to symbolise innovation, ideas and technology.

Banners on e-newsletters

Position your organisation’s advertising messages within one of BGA’s popular content-led e-newsletters to a readership demographic of your choice.

Sponsored solus e-mails

Work with our editorial and content teams to develop a solus ‘sponsored’ email campaign of content to be circulated to a readership demographic of your choice.

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