Top tips from our judges

Bodo Schlegelmilch

My take is that winning an award should be seen as a pleasant by-product of pursuing a cause one feels passionate about, be it a charitable cause or a meaningful entrepreneurial venture, and not be an objective in itself.

Stephanie Mullins

Show initiative and do something extraordinary to win an award. By showing perseverance – and not appearing as though an opportunity landed at your feet and you ran with it – any judge can see that you made a substantial effort to go above and beyond what a programme, module or even society required. That’s what I want to see.

Claudine Blamey

My top tip would be the entry needs to be replicable, so that others can use it as best practice.

Ritika Israni

Remember to be the best version of yourself while staying authentic.

Steef van de Velde

Bounce off your submission with multiple stakeholders to make the narrative as compelling as possible. It is not only the idea, the project that wins the awards, it is largely the way it is presented.

Henrietta Palmer

My top tip for winning an award would be to make sure you are clear about the benefits to both the learner and to the business you are delivering it for, let’s face it – a new learning solution is being delivered to solve a business need.

Sarmini Ghosh

A winning submission would demonstrate both inclusive leadership and proactive Business School-wide collaboration to enhance their peers’ MBA student experience and opportunities. Candidates would also demonstrate strong career management capability by actively engaging with Business School career support and employer or entrepreneurial initiatives to accelerate their career trajectory post-MBA.

Sheree Atcheson

Remember your unique selling point. Focus on what you do differently than others and why – let that to shine though. And be your own biggest fan!

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