AMBA & BGA Excellence Awards 2022/23: Expert Advice

Excellence Awards 2022
Excellence Awards 2022

We asked Denise O’Leary author of WINNER – How to Win Business Awards, to share her advice on the techniques for maximum entry standout

Winning an award is a very appealing concept for all business leaders – the shiny trophy, the adulation from the audience, the motivation created for the team and the amazing promotional prospects. What’s not to like?

Business leaders and marketing teams are always testing and perfecting ways to raise brand profile, increase awareness, and build team cohesion. Many of these aims can be serviced by entering awards, yet this is often not considered. Lack of confidence is an often-cited problem, alongside limited time and resources.

Understandably, businesses need to understand what benefits will be derived from winning awards before they make the commitment of time and effort to compose an entry. Time commitment for the entry generation is the major resource that needs to be considered. So why is entering awards a good use of your marketing budget?

The award entry process provides an excellent opportunity to assess where your organisation currently is, recent achievements relative to your peers and review how business challenges have been addressed and overcome to embed best practice for the future. This provides good discipline by celebrating achievements and prioritisation of future activity.

Similarly, award entries provide a chance to redefine business direction and repurpose targets if things aren’t going to plan. In addition, winning an award creates competitive advantage, increased commercial benefits, further trust in your organisation and better team cohesion.

Despite these benefits, many myths still exist relating to business awards that stop people from entering. Many of these are not true and here are some of the most common:

The winner is already chosen

Probably one of the greatest fears is that all the effort will be wasted because the winner has been chosen before judging even begins. Whilst the loser may mutter, ‘They’re a fix’, this is commonly not the case.
Check out who has won in the past, assess the professional status of the website and see if there are recognised sponsors to see if this is the right award for you. Being aware of the judging process, the longevity and professionalism of the awards should be a good indicator.

Awards are too much effort

Yes, entry does involve effort to do your business justice, but the benefits outweigh the energy commitment. Don’t just put effort into the entry, make a plan to promote and leverage the resulting marketing and PR opportunities. Seize the chance to make a speech, pose for as many photos as you can. This will showcase your company and build brand awareness. Leverage your social media channels and those associated with the event. By linking and sharing this content you are using other people to help market your business and third party verification is very powerful for customers.

Awards are just for show offs

Winner status has many advantages – both from your peers that recognise your achievements as well as your team so show them you are thankful for their efforts. Leverage your triumph to spread your message. Send out a ‘thank you’ to those who have supported you. This is really powerful – not merely revelling in the win, but appreciating everyone who has contributed to the success. How you acknowledge the support sets you apart from your competition – it shows you care. Award winning also helps you to recruit amazing talent. The best people in your industry will want to work for the best organisations in the industry.

Each award entry needs effort to deliver the winning result there are no shortcuts. Want to create an amazing entry? Here are some top tips:

Understand why you want to win
Visualise the awards and exactly why you want to win, making the entry process much smoother as you are fully engaged.

Can you answer all the questions?
This might sound like common sense, but if there are responses that you are not confident in, this has a big impact upon the likelihood of success. If you are asked to submit a business plan and accounts you will need to be prepared to send them, otherwise you will be denied the points associated with them which will only hinder your chance of winning. If you are shortlisted will you need to go and present?

Write the entry offline
This is a very practical but often missed stage. Many award entries are through an online format such as a form, or specific online portal but craft your response offline first so you can edit and get comfortable with the content first. This also avoids the disaster of technological difficulties that cause you to lose your entry. This way you can finesse the language and make best use of the word count.

What to include
The impact from your entry comes from shouting about why you are different to other entries. Your USP and testimonials are a key way to demonstrate why you are a cut above the rest.
For judges it is not enough to simply say why you are different, show them by including as much evidence as possible. If clients are prepared to go on record with their praise for you, the judges can see how good you are.

Treat every award individually
You may choose to enter multiple categories at the same awards but each should be treated differently because they will have separate criteria. The language and content needed for one may be completely different to the next so to give yourself the best chance of winning, the entry criteria needs to be mirrored and effectively displayed on the entry form.

Make yours stand out
The judges will be reading a lot of award submissions, which can quickly blend into one so try to make your submission stand out. While it’s not always possible to use interesting colours or a lot of imagery, as answers may need to be entered in boxes on the application, you can make your answers stand out through your writing. Add personal anecdotes to make your entry memorable and ensure it mirrors the tone of your brand.

Know what the judges want
It may seem obvious, but give the judges what they are looking for. Judges need to see evidence to show how you are an industry pioneer. Don’t avoid your challenges, show how you overcame them and be sincere in how this has helped you to grow in yourself and your business.

Get testimonials about why your people enjoy being part of the organisation and the activities alongside the day job you do such as charitable works and community engagement.

Judges can always tell when things do not add up so be honest with your entry.

Review your entry carefully
Before submitting your award entry make sure says exactly what you want to say about your initiative; you might only get one chance to impress. Does it tell your story and the challenges you have you overcome? Does it show your greatest achievements to date? If you let the judges engage with your journey and provide a real authentic insight into your organisation you are much more likely to be shortlisted and even win.

By demystifying the process, disproving some of the biggest myths and highlighting the vast amount of benefits, more people will be able to reap the benefits for themselves and their business.

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