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ESLSCA University Egypt


ESLSCA University Egypt
Country: Egypt
City: Cairo
Accreditation Type: Member
About the School
Founded in 1949, ESLSCA (Ecole Supérieure Libre des Sciences Commerciales Appliquées) has been known for providing a comprehensive academic experience to its students, favoring abilities over background. Over the years, we have and continue to adopt students’ evolving needs. Nonetheless, we have not lost sight of our mission: to prepare students for a meaningful and interconnected professional and personal life balance, by equipping them with skills, experience and the confidence to achieve their fullest potential.
ESLSCA prides itself in providing outstanding education across our graduate and undergraduate programs, delivered by distinguished faculty members in a city campus, exposing our students to a wider community beyond the classroom. With a proven record of over 17,000 alumni working across 110 countries, ESLSCA plans to become the epicenter of future-focused education across various disciplines in Egypt.
There is something special about ESLSCA that brings us all together. Not only are we the first acknowledged branch for a foreign university in Egypt, but we also prioritize innovation and social impact, reflecting our mission to provide everyone with the opportunity to make change. This is reflected in our network of accomplished students and alumni excelling in diverse fields. We also rank among the world’s best universities and continue to improve our international standing.
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