Vantage points – the simple equation for leadership

Date: 14 September 2021 
Time: 12:00 – 13:00 BST

In an increasingly complex and inter-connected world, the role of leadership has changed and is changing. How can leaders effectively prioritise and focus their attention on the most important and most impactful aspects of their role? What does it take to lead successfully with authenticity and results orientation when the goalposts keep moving and the pace is relentless?

In this session we will explore the simple equation that can help leaders to lead proactively and with intention and enable both themselves and those around them to thrive. Based on her book Vantage Points – how to create a culture where employees thrive, Paula Leach will provide an overview for anyone interested in next level 21st century leadership.

For more than 25 years Paul Leach has worked alongside leaders within organisations covering multinational private sector, large scale public sector and entrepreneurial growth. She has held the executive positions of Chief People Officer at the Home Office and in the FTSE 250 company FDM Group.


As a partner to business leaders for many years, Paula has coached and developed many leaders from career to leadership effectiveness, diversity and inclusion impact and strategic business focus and outcomes. She partners with leaders to help them unlock their own leadership qualities through personalised executive coaching.

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