Soft skills – the key difference to becoming highly effective and valued

Registrations for this webinar have closed, a video recording of this session is available to watch below.

Every job requires different strengths and capabilities, but soft skills form the backbone of any successful career. These are the skills that enable you to listen to and collaborate effectively with other people, manage individuals, lead teams, and run projects, communicate your ideas persuasively and build a social network that will enhance your career.

In this interactive session, Dan White will explain how using practical tools and frameworks can enhance each soft skill clearly, why it is relevant and important, and how to apply this skill to your working life.

BGA webinar image for soft skills–the key difference to becoming highly effective and valued.

About the speaker

Dan White, Business Innovator and speaker for the BGA webinar Soft skills – the key difference to becoming highly effective and valued.

Dan White is a business innovator. His ideas about the science of marketing, and the art of succeeding within business, have influenced generations of young professionals.

In his early career, Dan built client relationships and successful teams. He went on the become Chief Marketing Officer for global research company Millward Brown, responsible for product development, marketing, and internal communications across Europe. Dan then turned his attention to capability development as Head of Expertise for Kantar’s insights division. In this role he created a blueprint for professional development, identifying what someone within a professional service company needs to learn in order to succeed and the best way for them to gain the necessary skills and knowledge.

This insight has been distilled into the ideas and unique visualisations presented in The Soft Skills Book.

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