Redefining leadership: moving business performance from KPIs to a mind-blowing creative approach, worthy of a standing ovation

The organisations that are succeeding in the modern world are the ones that are putting on a great performance in the fullest sense of the world – the ones that are delighting their audiences. 

In this AMBA & BGA webinar, Dr Mark Powell and Jonathan Gifford reveal the mindsets and techniques behind every great performance and show us how to deliver winning performances of our own. 

Who are the speakers? 

Dr Mark Powell and Jonathan Gifford are authors of The Five Principles of Performance Thinking. 

Dr Mark Powell is a business writer, consultant and entrepreneur with over thirty years’ experience. His increasing focus has been using performing arts to solve modern day business challenges. 

Jonathan Gifford is a business author who formerly worked in advertising and magazine publishing. He studied philosophy at University in Kent and played saxophone semi-professionally.

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