Get ahead in your new job

Increasingly, employers are judging potential candidates on their ability to offer short-term success and wondering how quickly new hires – at all management levels – will provide a return on their investment. 

Employers tell recruitment agencies they need someone who ‘will hit the ground running’ and from day one, form conclusions about their recruit’s future within the business. Are you a star, or perhaps someone who won’t be around long? Successful career management is about managing your opening 100 days more effectively.

John Lees, author of 15 books on careers and work including the best-selling How To Get A Job You Love, offers a webinar focused on getting the most out of any new role. 

The webinar will cover the following topics: 

  • Initial ‘due diligence’
  • Managing first impressions
  • Increasing self-awareness and matching your strengths to the organisation
  • Decoding and interrogating the organisation
  • Blockers, enablers, and champions – building key relationships.
  • Avoiding career traps
  • Saying yes to the right things, and learning to say no better
  • Beginning upward movement – how do you talk about your skills and achievements without being pushy?
  • Working with mentors, coaches, champions and ambassadors
  • Getting more out of career conversations

Who is John Lees?


John Lees is one of the UK’s most prominent career transition coaches, and regularly in the media as a career thought leader. 

He has published a wide range of books on careers and work including the UK best-seller How to Get a Job You Love. His books have been translated into Arabic, Georgian, Polish, Japanese and Spanish. John has delivered workshops in Ireland, Germany, Mauritius, the US, South Africa, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand. 

He was a founding board member of the Career Development Institute, and established the Career Coach Forum on LinkedIn (7,000+ members worldwide). He is a NICEC Fellow, a Fellow of the CIPD, and holds degrees from the Universities of Cambridge, London and Liverpool.

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