School of Business Administration of Zhejiang Gongshang University
School of Business Administration of Zhejiang Gongshang University
School of Business Administration of Zhejiang Gongshang University
The School of Business

School of Business Administration (SBA) is the oldest and largest school of Zhejiang Gongshang University. Rebuilt in 2001, our school evolved out of Department of Business Administration which was founded in 1978.Our school has first-grade doctoral program and post-doctoral mobile station for Business Administration, key discipline for Enterprise Management of Zhe Jiang province. We offer master program for Business Administration and Technological Economy and Management. We also launched five undergraduate specialties including Business Administration, Marketing Management, Human Resources Management, Project Management and International Business. There are 89 faculties and more than 1500 students in our school.


Faculty members of our school are reasonably structured in age,education background and academic title. There are 81 full-time teachers, among whom 20 professors, 39 associate professors; 54 doctors, and 19 post-doctorates. There are 9 supervisors for Ph. D. and 41 for graduates, most of whom are young and middle-aged under 45.

We established relatively mature research directions and teams for Enterprise Management, Corporate Governance and Strategic Management, Organization and Human Resources Management, Marketing Management and Innovation Management. Now we are devoting to develop research characteristics based on the theory of stakeholder and practice of Zhejiang Businessmen.


Business Administration is key discipline of our school. In 1990 we began to offer Business Administration master programfor degree, in 2003 for PHD degree and the same year Technological Economy and Management program for master degree. In 2004 we launched MBA professional degree. Meanwhile, Business Management became first-grade master program in 2006. Then we established post-doctoral mobile station for Business Administration in 2009, and began to enroll engineering master in Project Management the next year. In 2011 Business Administration became first-grade doctoral program. By far, our school is the key unit for MBA, MPA program and engineering master in Project Management.

In 1996, Business Administration became key discipline of Ministry of Internal Trade and has been key discipline of Zhejiang province since the year of 1999. In 2006, our school was awarded as province-level key research basefor humanities and social sciences. Over the same year, Zhejiang Businessman Research Institute was awarded askey Research base for Philosophy and Social Sciences of Zhe Jiang province.


Our school established the specialty of Business Administration in 1978, Marketing Management in 1992, and Human Resources Management in 2001. In 2002, Engineering Management was transferred from School of Food, Biological and Environmental Engineering. In 2011, we added International Business into our school. In 2003, Business Administration became key constructed specialty of Zhejiang province, and moves forward to state-levelcharacteristic specialty and province-level key specialty. In 2007, Marketing Management followed became provincial key constructed specialty.

Organizational behavior becameone of state bilingual model courses in China in 2010; Market research predictions, Enterprise Leadership, Marketing Management, and Business Administration are excellent courses of Zhejiang province.


Since year 2005, teachers of our school have published 1223 academic papers, among which 139 embodied by SCI, EI, ISTP; put out 99 academic books, teaching materials and complications; won 17 province-level or above scientific research achievement prize; gained 151 province-level or above programs, among which 17 National Natural Science Foundation programs, 2 National Social Science Foundation programs, 132 Humanistic Social Science programs from Ministry of Education, as well as Social and Natural Science Foundation programs from Zhejiang province; got financial support ¥26.5814 million in total, ¥9.2175 million of which from society and ¥17.3639 million from government.

Enterprise Organization and Strategic Management Research Institute, Technology and Service Management Research Institute, Marketing Research Institute in our school have been key research institutes of the university.

Students develop

Our school cultivated 5058 undergraduates since its establishment. Nowadays, there are 46 Ph.D. candidates, 179 graduate students, 1264 undergraduate students at school.

Our school attached great importance to science and technology competition activities. Our students also actively involved and performed impressively well. Since 2001, our students won 1 state silver medal, 1 special prize, 8 first prize and 7 second prize in “Academic Science and Technology Contest of Challenge Cup”; won 3 first prize, 1 second prize in five “Case Analysis Contest of Colleges and Universities in Hangzhou”; won 1 gold medal in “Cross-strait Top-Boss Business Simulation Competition”.

Student associations which blended tightly into disciplinary characteristic grow vigorously and acquired outstanding achievements. At present, we have Management Academy, Future Entrepreneurs Association and Human Resources Management Association. Management Academy was awarded as outstanding student association in 2006, and “‘Meet in Harvard’ Case Analysis Competition” was awarded as Outstanding Brand Activity of Campus Culture, so as “Top-Boss Business Simulation Competition”. Over the recent years, employment rate in our school have been kept above 90%. In 2010, first employment rate of undergraduate is 94.83%, and post-graduate 100%.

Presently, we are taking concerted efforts to make our school a prestigious and foremost institute in all aspects by means of driving force deriving from the rapid internal management system reform of our university.
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