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Zhejiang Gongshang University, MBA School


Country: China
City: Hangzhou
Accreditation Type: Dual Accredited
About the School
Zhejiang Gongshang university is located in the beautiful capital city of Zhejiang province, Hangzhou, formerly known as the Hangzhou secondary commercial school founded in 1911, which was the pioneer of business education in our province at the beginning of its establishment, and is also one of the earliest commercial colleges founded in china. in 1980, it was approved by the state council to establish Hangzhou business school, and in 2004, it was approved by the ministry of education to change its name to Zhejiang Gongshang university. 
The school has 9 university disciplines such as economics, management, law, literature, science, engineering, history, philosophy, and art, and has the right to award doctoral degrees, master's degrees, bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, and the right to enroll foreign students, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan students. at present, there are more than 25,500 full-time undergraduate students, more than 5,400 graduate students, more than 980 international students, and more than 20,000 students with various higher education qualifications.
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