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Universidad EAFIT


Universidad EAFIT
Country: Colombia
City: Medellín
Accreditation Type: Dual Accredited
About the School
At EAFIT the future is present, it is a statement about our purpose, the love of knowledge and, especially, for education as a way to inspire and awaken the learning capacity that inhabits us all. Learn to invent the world every day.
The lives of people, like that of organizations, is a narrative, a story full of nuances, dramatic twists, characters and, above all, illusion, longings and imagination. It is finally a sum of memories that connect us with the past and of dreams that project us into the future. That's why celebrating life is celebrating that narrative.
Inspire, create and transform is how we name that Eafitense spirit, something dissatisfied and above all creative, that from humanism and science, and through a community of knowledge and knowledge - made up of professors, researchers, collaborators, students and graduates - wonders about the environment, society, the planet, the future.
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