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Shanxi University of Finance and Economics


Shanxi University of Finance and Economics
Country: China
City: Taiyuan
Accreditation Type: Member
About the School
Shanxi University of Finance and Economics is a provincial and local institution of higher learning with a long history and distinctive characteristics. It is one of the earliest universities of finance and economics established after the founding of New China. It is located in the famous national historical and cultural city known as "Longcheng" and Taiyuan, the capital of Shanxi Province.
The school was founded in 1951. Its predecessor was Shanxi Bank Cadre School, Commercial Cadre School, Supply and Marketing Cooperative Cadre School, Finance Cadre School and Grain Cadre School. In September 1958, five cadre schools merged to form Shanxi Institute of Finance and Economics. Shanxi School of Economics and Management was established in December 1984. In October 1997, Shanxi Institute of Finance and Economics and Shanxi Institute of Economics and Management merged to form Shanxi University of Finance and Economics. For a long time, the school has adhered to the spirit of "cultivating morality, trustworthiness, learning and seeking truth", adhered to the original mission of "educating people for the Party and educating talents for the country", and formed a discipline system with economics, management, statistics and law as the advantages and characteristics, and coordinated development of economics, management, law, science, engineering, literature, etc., for the national economic construction and Social development has trained more than 200,000 graduates, and a large number of outstanding talents in finance and economics have emerged.
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