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A Grande Ecole means prestigious academic programs and degrees. At ISC Paris, we offer a wide range of academic tracks for students throughout their academic and professional careers: from the Bachelor’s degree program to the Grande Ecole program, our MBA and MSc degrees and our Continuing Education offerings. All of our degree programs are recognized by the French government or internationally, through our membership in the French Conférence des Grandes Ecoles, and our AACSB and AMBA accreditations.

A Grande Ecole means a select group of students. At ISC Paris, we use the BCE and SIGEM competitive examination procedures, and also offer AST and Bachelor’s competitive examinations for students who would like to study with us. We also select from among the strongest applications from international students and working professionals who have a high potential for success in the degree programs they are applying to.

A Grande Ecole means a proud and active alumni network. The ISC Paris alumni network—symbolized by our annual “Hall of Fame”—includes graduates with fulfilling and fascinating careers. We offer a variety of events and opportunities to bring together our past, current, and future students.

A Grande Ecole means a unique, value-added student experience. Our Paris and Orléans campuses are spaces for innovative teaching and learning, in the heart of some of the world’s most vibrant cities. With business incubators, co-working spaces, lounges, cafeterias, lecture halls, and internet-enabled classrooms, ISC Paris’ campuses have everything our students need for a cutting-edge, 21st century learning experience.

A Grande Ecole means a staff of dedicated, top-notch professors. At ISC Paris, our professors include internationally-known researchers, passionate educators, and practicing professionals who enrich our courses with their real-world knowledge. This rich mixture—unique among business schools—gives our students a 360-degree understanding of the major challenges and issues facing the world in general, and the business world specifically.

A Grande Ecole means a wide range of student associations. At ISC Paris, student enterprises—in addition to student associations—are part of our school’s DNA. They allow our students to dive in to ambitious and diverse projects, working as real-world entrepreneurs who manage teams, budgets, and goals and take on responsibilities. This “learning by doing” model is a hallmark of our students years at ISC Paris, and it becomes a highlight of their CVs, their core skills, and their career plans.

ISC Paris is both a Grande Ecole and a unique academic environment. We are dedicated and multi-faceted, with a strong commitment to creating meaningful connections among our students, professors, staff, and graduates. We train managers and entrepreneurs who are ethical and responsible, and who know how to balance their professional and personal lives. We are also agile and innovative. At ISC Paris, our strong sense of identity inspires respect and commitment.
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