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IAE NICE Graduate School of Management


IAE NICE Graduate School of Management
Country: France
City: Nice
Accreditation Type: Validated
About the School
IAE Nice, the University of Nice’s Graduate School of Management, was created in 1966 to offer an equivalent to American business schools. For more than 50 years, the school has fulfilled its two roles: providing students with high-quality vocational training and providing companies with the skills they need. In concrete terms, these roles are fulfilled through multiple economic and university partnerships, both regionally and throughout the world.
IAE Nice cultivates its strong international positioning through a network of 210 partners (UCLA, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Russian International University, Manhattan Institute of Management etc.), the development of international mobility programmes and a ‘delocalised’ training offer (17 delocalised diplomas and double diplomas). We can therefore safely say that IAE Nice lives up to its initials. The school’s local financial Impact is undeniable, its Attractiveness is local, national and international, and it is a major player in the local Economy.
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