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Hohai University Business School


Hohai University Business School
Country: China
City: Nanjing
Accreditation Type: Dual Accredited
About the School
The business education of Hohai University can be traced back to the establishment of the Hohai Engineering School in 1915. In 1927, the school was renamed as Hohai Engineering University and business subjects were setup in university. In 1979, business education was resumed in the time of East China School of Hydraulic Engineering. In 1983, Management Engineering Department was established. Hohai University is one of the pioneer universities that have business discipline after reform and opening-up.
Business School of Hohai University has a complete discipline system, and two postdoctoral programs of Business Administration, Management Science and Engineering. Business School has two first-level doctoral programs: Management Science and Engineering, Business Administration; four first-level master degree programs: Management Science and Engineering, Business Management, Applied Economics, Theoretical economics, and one second-level master degree program: information science. Furthermore, it has nine professional master degree programs: Master of Business Administration (MBA), Project Management, Logistics Engineering, Industrial Engineering, MPAcc, Asset Assessment, Engineering Management, International Business, and Finance. There are seven undergraduate majors: International Trade, Financial Management, Engineering Management, Human Resources Management, Accounting, Marketing, Information Management and Information System.
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