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Geneva Business School
Geneva Business School
Geneva Business School

Geneva Business School provides professionally accredited business education in Geneva, Barcelona, and Madrid. We offer bachelor’s, master’s, MBA, and diverse continued education options that are 100% in English, and we are committed to using innovative learning methods and new technology.

Students enjoy personalized mentoring, unique networking events, and support and guidance for internships and business ventures. All of this helps students to be fully prepared for 21st-century business.


Our faculty are all working in their respective fields, many are successful entrepreneurs and top-tier management. We select our Academic faculty based on the depth of knowledge and breadth of experience, which enhances the student’s development and allows for mentorship and career guidance both inside and outside the classroom. Our professionally active faculty have guided bachelor’s, master’s, MBA, International Executive MBA, and DBA students both inside the classroom and at off-campus events, providing a 360º learning experience that fully prepares students for the modern job market.


As a leading Swiss private institution, Geneva Business School is dedicated to shaping world-changing leaders while combining the US system for accreditation and quality control, the European (Bologna) system for credits (ECTS), and the Swiss grading system. The numerous international accreditations that we hold to ensure that we are in line with the quality-control benchmarks of other high-quality Business schools around the world.


At Geneva Business School, we are celebrating 25 years of cutting-edge, Swiss-quality education. Since our creation in 1995, we have developed from a single campus to state-of-the-art campuses in Geneva, Barcelona, and Madrid, with plans to expand even further.


While studying at Geneva Business School, students can transfer between campuses through the streamlined exchange program, giving them the opportunity to experience a real international business environment in different locations.


With the assistance of the Geneva Business School Student Council, students quickly recognize that participating in activities outside of the classroom is just as important as those within the classroom. We support our students in maintaining healthy lifestyles, creating an active professional network, and engaging in the wider community.


Project-based learning at Geneva Business School is a fundamental part of our teaching style, as it prepares our students for global business settings of the 21st century. Interactive learning in our Google classrooms enables our students to fully engage with the material, increasing their confidence and skills for the world of work. They also frequently pitch to investors, which is invaluable in bringing their learning to life and applying theory to real-world situations.


With professional faculty from all over the world, students representing over 80 nationalities, and partners on all continents, we truly embody the 21st-century global business ecosystem. Our program content responds to the changing needs of the workplace, enhanced by continuous feedback from our professionally-active professors, our alumni, and our network of business and industry contacts. Students get a well-rounded foundation in all aspects of business but also focus on their preferred specialist areas of study.


Students have access to a dedicated team who searches for professional opportunities. With two Career Days per year and various internship opportunities are offered during all programs at key companies and institutions in our network.


At Geneva Business School we make every effort to remain in contact with our network of successful alumni. We are therefore proud of the fact that many of our alumni hold top-level management positions, in companies spanning the globe, which is evidence of the high quality of our programs.

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