Responsible Management at the University of Bradford School of Management

About the Research Webinar

The University of Bradford School of Management, a UN PRME Signatory since 2010, is very proud to have maintained its commitment to the PRME principles. We aspire to be a leader in Responsible Management Education and Research in Higher Education by building a sustainable environment that is inclusive and tolerant of diverse views and opinions, both national and international in character. The School actively promotes and applies the principles of responsible, ethical and sustainable management in all its activities, including teaching, research and business community engagement, as well as its dedicated strategy on Ethics, Diversity, Inclusion and Sustainability.

This is achieved through various innovative means, which the webinar video will cover. It is hoped that this will inspire others to become mutually responsible entities in the nowadays closely knitted, borderless global environment – enlivening the school’s ethos of making a difference to the local and global communities and businesses.

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About the Researcher

Portrait image of Dr Irene Chu, Impact Trailblazer 12, Responsible Management at the University of Bradford School of Management.

Dr. Irene Chu 

Lecturer in Business Ethics and Cross-cultural Studies. She is also UN Principles Responsible Management Education (PRME) Lead for the School of Management.

Before gaining her PhD from Durham University Business School in early 2019, she worked in both private and public sectors in Taiwan and the UK. As an early career researcher, she was awarded the Best Paper Awards and Best Symposium at the Academy of Management (AOM) conference’s Management, Spirituality and Religion (MSR) stream in Boston, 2019. She was also awarded the Founders’ Award for Emerging Scholars at the Society for Business Ethics conference (SBE) in Atlanta, USA 2017 in connection with her PhD.

Her research interest areas are business ethics, especially virtue ethics, cross-cultural and interdisciplinary studies and institutional theory especially institutional logics. She is a regular speaker and panel member at international conferences related to Eastern and Western Virtue Ethics. She has publications in several journals including the Journal of Business Ethics and British Journal of Management.

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