Framing the servitization transformation process: A model to understand and facilitate the servitization journey

About the Impact Trailblazer webinar

Date: 5 February 2020
Time: 12:00 GMT

The webinar will introduce the concepts of servitization and advanced services, and explain their growing relevance within manufacturing industry. It will examine why services continue to be of increasing importance to manufacturers and how digital innovations are helping to unlock this opportunity. Finally, it will give examples of manufactures who are adopting advanced services, and how the academic community is coming together to study these and promote the concepts.

'Framing the servitization transformation process: A model to understand and facilitate the servitization journey'

About the whitepaper

The concept of servitization is well established in the literature, and yet the processes of organisational change that manufacturers undergo to compete through services have received much less attention.

This research develops a model that enables a description of the servitization processes, the principal stages of organisational change and the forces impacting these processes. It is based on a series of 14 case studies of the process of servitization over time in multinational manufacturers.

Evidence and analysis from these cases are used to establish that manufacturers undergo four stages of organisational maturity (Exploration, Engagement, Expansion and Exploitation), through which an organisation progresses according to the pressures of five principal forces (customer pull, technology push, value network positioning, organisational readiness, and organisational commitment). The progression can be characterised as a business growth model with multiple crises or tipping points.

This research contributes to our understanding of the process of servitization and proposes a model which can be used to explain progression. It also forms the basis to better prepare manufacturers as to what to expect as they embark on a servitization journey to audits?

About the Trailblazer

Professor Tim Baines, Aston Business School
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