Reputational challenges of young firms from emerging markets

About the Impact Trailblazer webinar

Date: 25 February 2020
Time: 15:00 GMT

In this webinar, Dr Gonzalez-Perez and Ph.D candidate, Juan Velez-Ocampo, will highlight their research findings in ‘Reputational challenges of young firms from emerging markets’. 

This webinar will further discuss how firms develop reputation and share some empirical evidence about how a set of emerging market firms handle their reputation liabilities .  

'Reputational challenges of young firms from emerging markets'

About the whitepaper

Young firms from emerging markets usually face reputational challenges associated with their lack of experience, underdeveloped network, and ‘competitive newness’. 

These firms usually adopt different mechanisms in order to develop a corporate reputation that reduces the uncertainty of stakeholders while easing the concern of new businesses, gaining experience along the way. Camouflaging their newness condition, borrowing reputation from legitimate external players, building reputation by endowment, and signalling for character and capability are some of the strategies that young firms from emerging markets use to build a positive reputation. 

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About the Impact Trailblazers

Dr Maria Alejandra Gonzalez-Perez, Professor of Management at Universidad EAFIT, Colombia
Juan Velez-Ocampo: PhD candidate Universidad EAFIT, Colombia
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