An Overview of Modern Corporate Sustainability

About the Impact Trailblazer webinar

Date: 3 February 2020
Time: 12:00 GMT

This webinar will focus on research published by Imperial College: Corporate sustainability approaches and governance mechanisms in sustainable supply chain management.

This webinar is hosted by Dr Paolo Taticchi, Imperial College Business School.

Dr Taticchi will address the topic of sustainability from a strategic perspective. Topics covered will include: the drivers of the sustainability debate; the business case for sustainability; sustainability and competitive advantage; sustainability in business education. Dr Taticchi will use his research and the example of a number of organisations he studied / advised to share the latest thinking / practice on this topic.

The audience will be involved in an engaging debate that will cover different perspectives of the topics discussed, including the economic, the environmental and the social.

'Corporate sustainability approaches and governance mechanisms in sustainable supply chain management'

About the whitepaper

The role of governance from a sustainable supply chain management perspective is receiving more attention from scholars and practitioners. However, several aspects still remain unclear including how corporate sustainability approaches are implemented and aligned with governance mechanisms at the supply chain level. With the aim of filling this gap in the literature, an empirical investigation is proposed by analysing seven case studies through the lenses of contingency theory, the strategic alignment perspective and the resource-based view of organisations. 

Findings include the characterisation of three sustainability profiles, namely sustainability leaders, sustainability practitioners and traditionalists; a classification of the governance mechanisms on the basis of their level of collaboration and formalisation; the identification of factors that enable governance mechanisms. The empirical results are useful to practitioners seeking to implement sustainability initiatives at the supply chain level, and to scholars for further theory development and refinement.

About the Trailblazer

Dr Paolo Taticchi, Imperial College Business School
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