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NGOs’ Initiatives to Enhance Social Sustainability in the Supply Chain: poverty alleviation through supplier development program

About the research

Secondary stakeholders are critical for the implementation of sustainability programs in the supply chain. Especially when firms have no social capital within the community in which supply chain actors are embedded. Base of the pyramid (BoP) suppliers are critical for food supply chains. Smallholder farmers, which are usually below poverty line, in Latin America and Africa are key suppliers for global food supply chains. 

Several firms set partnerships with NGOs to overcome transactions costs and deal with BoP suppliers, so focal firms in supply chains can ensure the flow of raw material in the long term. 

The Impact Trailblazer webinar recording will discuss the findings on how NGOs leverage their resources to reduce transaction costs and facilitate the incorporation of BoP suppliers into supply chains. 

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About the researcher

Jorge A. Rodríguez


He received his PhD from ESADE business school in Barcelona. He is the director of the program of sustainable business strategy and business models, an executive education program at ESPAE. He also teaches the courses of business sustainability and supply chain management in the MBA and the sustainable agribusiness master program. 

His research focuses on how firms can be sustainable through the management of their supply chains, and the innovation of their business model. 

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