Mandatory Transformation of Business Schools in Mexico from the Students’ and Teaching Faculty’s Points of View

About the Research

As a result of mandatory social distance policies enacted in Mexico in response to Covid-19, this investigation examines  the behaviour of students and teaching faculty at Anahuac University Mexico, that have had to migrate from a traditional classroom setting to a fully-digital learning environments.

In this webinar recording the audience will discover how researchers at Anahuac University Mexico have been analysing the behaviour and perceptions of students and teaching faculty at Business Schools using a quantitative and qualitative approach, and the results of the conducted research.

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About the Researchers

PhD. Pável Reyes-Mercado

Professor of Marketing and Market Research
Anahuac University Mexico

Pavel Reyes-Mercado is a Professor of Marketing and Market Research at Anahuac University Mexico where he chairs the Marketing Research Group. He earned his PhD in Managerial Sciences and belongs to the National Research System from the Mexican Council of Science and Technology. His research focuses technology adoption and entrepreneurial marketing. He has professional experience in Alcatel, Coca Cola Femsa, and HSBC Bank. He teaches courses on marketing for financial services, marketing analytics, pricing.

PhD. Karla Barajas-Portas

Professor of Marketing
Anahuac University Mexico

Karla Barajas-Portas is a Professor of Marketing at Anahuac University Mexico. She earned her PhD in Advanced Marketing and belongs to the National Research System from the Mexican Council of Science and Technology. Her research focuses branding, digital marketing, e-commerce and social media. She has professional experience in Sony Music Entertainment, Grupo Salinas, Comercial Mexicana. She teaches courses on strategic marketing, digital marketing and market research.

PhD. Guillermo A. Zamacona-Aboumrad

MBA Director
Anahuac University Mexico

Guillermo A. Zamacona-Aboumrad is the MBA Director at Anahuac University Mexico and a Marketing Professor in the same institution. He earned his PhD in Latin American Studies by analyzing key aspects of the Mexican Cultural Sector. His research focuses cultural and creative industries, and assessment of public programs. He has professional experience in IBM Mexico and IPSOS, and has started multiple companies. He teaches courses on marketing, marketing research and management. 

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