Business School Leaders Research: The business of Business Schools

AMBA & BGA has launched new research, polling more than 433 leading Business School decision makers globally

The research, entitled ‘The business of Business Schools’ launched to coincide with AMBA’s Business School Leaders Forum (15 – 26 June 2020), explores the overall structure of Business Schools and the qualifications they offer. 

Key findings

  • Business School leaders remain confident that their programmes are updated to reflect the latest trends in business (85% of leaders believe that their School does this well).
  • Two thirds of Business School leaders (66%) think the calibre of MBA graduates has increased over the past five years. Meanwhile, half (57%) think the calibre of master’s graduates (excluding MBAs) has increased).
  • In terms of finances, tuition and course fees represent the largest proportional source of income for Business Schools, on average, at 68% of all income received.
  • On average, MBA programmes account for 25.8% of a Business School’s total income among our respondents.
  • Leaders typically believe that factors relating to the reputation of their MBA (cited by 89%) and quality of their MBA (87%) have the greatest impact on demand for their programmes.
  • In terms of the most important characteristics Business Schools look for from MBA candidates, prior experience of leadership or business tops the list – 96% of respondents say it is ‘fairly important’, ‘very important’ or ‘essential’.
  • In terms of advertising during the past year, Business Schools that invested in paid-for advertising spent, on average, $224,769 on social media; $90,672 with online publications; $97,203 on print advertising; $33,962 on sponsored articles; $25,414 on careers websites; $1,219,400 on open days; and $35,124 on careers fairs.

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