AMBA-Cabells Journal Report (ACJR)

The Association of MBAs and Business Graduates Association (AMBA & BGA) and Cabells have launched a curated list of quality Chinese-language journals in business and management. The list has been developed by both organisations to support Chinese business scholars in identifying the most impactful journals in which to publish their research.

The AMBA-Cabells Journal Report (ACJR) offers guidance on the 50 most influential Chinese-language business and management journals to help institutions and authors decide which journals would be the most suitable outlets for their publications.

Using a combination of sophisticated citation analysis and expert peer review, the ACJR aims to support Chinese scholars to showcase the best business and management research being published in China.

1经济研究 Economic Research Journal 
2中国工业经济  China Industrial Economics 
3管理世界 Management World 
4金融研究 Journal of Financial Research 
5世界经济 The Journal of World Economy 
6会计研究 Accounting Research 
7农业经济问题 Issues in Agricultural Economy 
8中国行政管理 Chinese Public Administration 
9经济管理 Business Management Journal 
10改革 Reform 
11管理科学 Journal of Management Science 
12管理学季刊 Quarterly Journal of Management 
13中国软科学 China Soft Science 
14南开管理评论 Nankai Business Review 
15科学学研究 Studies in Science of Science 
16管理评论 Management Review 
17系统管理学报 Systems Management Journal 
18财经科学 Finance & Economics 
19科研管理 Science Research Management 
20经济学家 Economist 
21科学学与科学技术管理 Science of Science and Management of S.&T. 
22经济学(季刊) China Economic Quarterly 
23财贸经济 Finance & Trade Economics 
24心理科学进展 Advances in Psychological Science 
25财经研究 Journal of Finance and Economics 
26中国管理科学 Chinese Journal of Management Science 
27心理学报 Acta Psychologica Sinica 
28公共管理学报 Journal of Public Management 
29审计研究 Auditing Research 
30国际经济评论 International Economic Review 
31学位与研究生教育 Academic Degrees and Graduate Education 
32管理学报 Chinese Journal of Management 
33财经问题研究 Research on Financial and Economic Issues 
34国际金融研究 Studies of International Finance 
35经济科学 Economic Science 
36世界经济研究 World Economy Studies 
37产业经济研究 Industrial Economics Research 
38软科学 Soft Science 
39系统工程理论与实践 Systems Engineering: Theory & Practice 
40心理科学 Journal of Psychological Science 
41管理科学学报 Journal of Management Sciences in China 
42经济理论与经济管理 Economic Theory and Business Management 
43外国经济与管理 Foreign Economics & Management 
44工业工程与管理 Industrial Processes & Management 
45管理工程学报 Journal of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management 
46经济与管理研究 Research on Economics and Management 
47研究与发展管理 R&D Management 
48中国人力资源开发 Human Resources Development of China 
49数量经济技术经济研究 The Journal of Quantitative & Technical Economics 
50中国农村经济 China Agricultural Economics 


AMBA & BGA is the world’s leading authority in post-graduate management education and a global accrediting body. In Greater China (including Hong Kong and Macau), AMBA & BGA currently awards:

  • AMBA accreditation to 43 Business Schools;
  • BGA accreditation to four Business Schools;
  • BGA validation to one Business School;
  • BGA membership to 49 Business Schools (including 15 with AMBA accreditation).

Cabells is the complete source for journal information, evaluation metrics and submission details for authors. Its Journalytics database is a curated index of over 11,300 English-language academic journals spanning 18 disciplines, helping researchers and institutions globally optimise decision-making around their publications.

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