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A Forward-Looking Behavioural Decision-Making Theory

About the research paper

Research on search, choice and decision-making has long been divided into two branches: a branch with based on consequential logic; a second branch with behavioral logic which seemingly pre-empts human decision based on future. 

The major common criticism for both branches is that these two don’t describe and prescribe forward-looking decision-making, with consequential logic branch assuming a constant past moving ahead and hyper-rationality; and behavioral approach emphasizing past-oriented, experiential decision-making. As a result, what we know about decision-making now is local, incremental, and inertial decision-making based on the past experience. 

This paper draws from sociology to put forward a normative and descriptive theory of forward-looking search based on social cognition. It is useful to practitioners and researchers as it shows ways to make decisions that are rooted in the future.

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About the researcher

Dr Ali Radfard

Aston Business School

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Dr Radfard’s research falls in the nexus among organization theory, organizational behavior  and strategic management with a social-psychological theme. It is motivated by social construction of reality. Focusing on corporate governance decision-makers, his research unites two strands of significant contribution to behavioral governance inquiry: the boundedly-rational learning based on behavioral theory of the firm, and the self-regulation based on social cognition.

In his work, Dr Radfard uses a mix of techniques including, field experiments, survey design, computational sociology and content analysis, factor analysis, conventional regression analysis, mediation analysis, simultaneous equations modelling, and agent-based modelling.

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