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BGA is proud to support faculty of member institutions who have the desire to promote impactful research to an international audience. The BGA research platform allows faculty members to host webinars around a research piece they have published, which are directly targeted towards academics as well as relevant business professionals. Alongside this, the published research becomes readily available on the BGA website, allowing anyone with an interest in the subject area to download the piece.

Are you a faculty member of a BGA Business School looking to promote your research?

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Faculty should submit their interest to:

Please include the following details:

1) Full name and title of researcher(s)
2) Title of the research piece
3) Overview of the research
4) Overview of the webinar
5) Biography of the researcher(s)
6) Photo of the researcher(s)
7) A copy of the research

Following the submission, please allow for up to two weeks for the BGA team to properly review the material. Due to high demand, BGA cannot guarantee a webinar slot but will do its utmost to find a convenient time and date to host the webinar.

If selected for a webinar, BGA will communicate with the faculty member and suggest a date and time to host the webinar. If agreed upon by both parties, BGA will set the relevant website page up containing the research piece, speaker bio, as well as registration to view the webinar.


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Webinar format

All webinars should be no longer than 60 minutes in length. It is entirely up to each presenter how they want to divide the presentation. Normally, a presentation will last 50 minutes with 10 minutes of questions and answers, however, a presenter can employ whichever format suits them.

Each webinar is required to be accompanied by a slide presentation. Use of graphs and videos are highly encouraged.

Every webinar is recorded an uploaded the to research page, allowing anyone to view at any time.

The presenter and a BGA member of staff will coordinate a test webinar to take place a week prior to the scheduled date. A test webinar takes no further than 15 minutes to conduct and is generally held to ensure familiarity with the webinar platform.


BGA promotes all webinars through digital marketing channels as well as through the Business Impact hub. Institutions are encouraged, however, to support in the marketing efforts of the faculty member’s research webinar. BGA will submit relevant links and materials for the institution to actively promote the webinar via their channels. 

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For questions about your complimentary marketing support as part of the BGA membership, please contact:

Shareen Pennington

Senior Marketing Executive

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