AMBA and Cabells launch list of 50 most impactful Chinese-language management journals

The Association of MBAs and Business Graduates Association (AMBA & BGA) and Cabells have today launched a curated list of quality Chinese-language journals in business and management.

The list has been developed by both organisations to support Chinese business scholars in identifying the most impactful journals in which to publish their research.

The AMBA-Cabells Journal Report (ACJR) offers guidance on the 50 most influential Chinese-language business and management journals to help institutions and authors decide which journals would be the most suitable outlets for their publications. Using a combination of sophisticated citation analysis and expert peer review, the ACJR aims to support Chinese scholars to showcase the best business and management research being published in China.

AMBA & BGA is the world’s leading authority in post-graduate management education and a global accrediting body.

In Greater China (including Hong Kong and Macau), AMBA & BGA currently awards:

  • AMBA accreditation to 43 Business Schools;
  • BGA accreditation to four Business Schools;
  • BGA validation to Business School;
  • BGA membership to 49 Business Schools (including 15 with AMBA accreditation).

Cabells is the complete source for journal information, evaluation metrics and submission details for authors. Its Journalytics database ( is a curated index of more than 11,300 English-language academic journals spanning 18 disciplines, helping researchers and institutions globally optimise decision-making around their publications.

AMBA & BGA Chair, Professor Bodo Schlegelmilch, said: ‘The quality of research conducted at Chinese business schools has made substantial advances in recent years. The AMBA-Cabells Journal Report (ACJR) recognises this achievement and intends to support scholars in identifying journals where top quality business and management research is published in China.’

Cabells’ Director of International Marketing and Development, Simon Linacre, added: ‘Following recent changes to publication guidelines for faculty members in China, there is an increased need for business and management researchers to understand where the best journals are for their research. Combining the peer review expertise of AMBA & BGA with the scholarly journal analytics of Cabells has enabled us to provide Chinese business and management researchers with a robust starting point for their publication journeys.’

To read the complete list, click here


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