Accreditation fees

BGA prides itself on delivering accreditation services that are highly consultative in nature,  yet offered at an affordable rate and a fraction of the price compared to other accreditation agencies. This is done by leveraging mentors from the AMBA & BGA network, as well as utilising the highly experienced in-house AMBA & BGA team. 

BGA Accreditation

Full BGA accreditation with up to 5 years accreditation cycle
£ 15,000+
  • £3,000 - Application stage fee
  • £12,000 - Assessment stage fee
  • £500 annual accreditation process fee

BGA Re-accreditation

BGA re-accreditation fee with up to five years accreditation cycle
£ 12,000+
  • £12,000 - Assessment stage fee

AMBA-BGA joint accreditation

Joint accreditation for institutions already possessing AMBA accreditation
£ 22,500+
  • £15,000 - AMBA assessment visit fee
  • £7,500 - BGA accreditation fee

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