Business Impact Magazine | Volume 14

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Taking care of planet Earth

José Maillet talks about Gaïa, Audencia’s new school of ecological and social transition, and the course it offers on its Grande École programme.

Going for green

Nicole de Fontaines, executive director of CEMS, looks  at what early-career professionals need to know to lead in the context of the environmental crisis and how business schools can support their development

Modern times

Today’s business climate has exposed the presiding model of management education as being limited in scope, and in need of reinvention to better serve business and society, says BGA’s Victor Hedenberg.

Reaping the rewards

Find out which BGA business schools have made the shortlist in six categories of the AMBA & BGA Excellence Awards 2022/23, including all of those nominated for the BGA Business School Impact Award 2022/23.

Going the extra mile

Covid-19 restrictions led one education company to charter flights solely for international students to meet the demand for travel. INTO University Partnerships‘ Sam Clews tells Tim Banerjee Dhoul more about this initiative and the latest trends in student recruitment in China.

Tackling global challenges

Rather than seeing a trade-off between doing good and making money, today’s leaders need to aim to achieve each through the other – and schools must prepare them to do this.

Keep on flying

Arnaud Chevallier and Albrecht Enders explain how ‘analysis paralysis’ can be beaten – in business as in aviation.

Personal journeys

Business school decision-makers from across Europe discuss personalisation, micro-credentialing and other aspects of business education’s emerging model shift, drawing on AMBA & BGA’s research in association with

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The dividing line: How the views and aspirations of male and female students differ, according to the latest AMBA & BGA research

Laying the foundations: Preparing students for roles focused on environmental and social responsibility

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