Business Impact Magazine | Volume 6

Are subscription models the solution for business schools?

AMBA & BGA Chair, Bodo Schlegelmilch builds on the notion of ‘degrees for rent’ in Business Impact’s sixth edition.

Business school communications in the time of Covid-19

Communicating long-term plans is the biggest issue facing business school communications professionals right now, says Stephanie Mullins, Associate Director at PR Consultancy, BlueSky Education.


Standing out from the crowd in the online education space

Casilida Guell, Dean of Barcelona-based OBS Business School tells us how specialised online institutions can continue to differentiate themselves from the growing number of business schools that are shifting programmes online.

Implementation, impact and assessment of online technology in business education

Student engagement, learner preferences, and the faculty experience under discussion following AMBA & BGA’s roundtable on the use of online technology in business education, and its future direction.

Six ways to build a business school's organisational resilience

Santiago Garcia and Thomas Froehlicher look at how recent changes and strategic initiatives at Rennes School of Business have put it on the path to resilience in the testing times of Covid-19.

Top takeaways from AMBA & BGA inaugural online conference

Highlights from business school leaders who presented at the AMBA & BGA Business School Leaders Forum – the organisation’s very first online conference.


Redefining the purpose of business in society

The business world is not living up to societal expectations and needs to be reset, says Ignacio de la Vega. The Dean of EGADE Business School discusses redefining the purpose of business in the context of Covid-19, and his institution’s work on providing a starting point for the economic relaunch of Mexico.

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A world of difference: How students based all over the world come together for a week of experiential learning at the University of Quebec in Montreal

The dividing line: How the views and aspirations of male and female students differ, according to the latest AMBA & BGA research

Laying the foundations: Preparing students for roles focused on environmental and social responsibility

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