Business Impact Magazine | Volume 8

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Responsible rankings

University of Bath School of Management Professor and expert in responsible business, Andrew Crane, on how rankings can effect positive change in the industry, and how to address current criticisms.

Changing times call for changing approaches at business school

Nicolas Sauviat, winner of the BGA Future Leaders Case Competition 2020, calls on business schools to ensure cases reflect the changing world of business and help enable a generation of leaders that seek ‘meaning’ in their careers.

The dark side of confidence

Reining in pride is a crucial part of business education, says Rita Trehan, co-author of Too Proud to Lead.

Leading change and inspiring lifelong learning

Changing landscapes necessitate changing approaches to alumni relations and lifelong learning. Experts from a variety of industries offer their perspectives.

Brave new worlds

A new era of edtech adoption in global business education has arrived almost overnight, in reaction to Covid-19. AMBA & BGA research into business schools’ thoughts on their progress with regards to online learning approaches and the use of technology, and their strategies for the future.

A climate of change?

The views of business school leaders give reason for optimism, but attest to the size of the task ahead, in exclusive research on climate change from AMBA & BGA.

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