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Changing the mindset on sustainability

Transforming business communities by shifting minds on the impact of sustainability – highlights from a recent BGA African and Middle Eastern Capacity Building Workshop.

Raising the roots of cultural difference

NEOMA Business School’s Sirio Lonati on the need to understand where cultural differences in leadership come from

Masterful performance

New research on admissions to business master’s programmes worldwide underlines a healthy demand for the qualification

Engagement equation

How are business schools keeping students engaged in a world (or screen) full of distractions?

AMBA & BGA invited international educators and experts to discuss challenges and opportunities in online and blended learning experiences.

Click or mortar?

The relevance of physical campuses in the digital age

Business school campuses should be places that facilatate both community and innovation, writes Benjamin D Morse, vice-dean at ESSCA School of Management.


Invested in impact

An emphasis on nurturing impactful leadership saw Athena School of Management recognised among the winners at the AMBA & BGA Excellence Awards 22/23.

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At society’s service: How Goa Institute of Management ensures that all students experience what being a responsible leader entails

Striking a balance: Pre-experience master’s cohorts in Europe are notably near to achieving gender parity, according to AMBA & BGA data

Alumni achievements: Four graduates of Egade in Mexico share key takeaways from their business school experience

Helping hands: Alliance Manchester Business School’s Robert Phillips on supporting students’ start-up aspirations with incubators and accelerator programmes

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