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Business Impact: Does CSR improve performance?
corporate social responsibility

Does CSR improve performance?

The impact of pursuing CSR investments on financial performance varies across studies, so where does the truth lie? And how do they affect the tenure of those at the helm? Jérôme Barthélemy, executive vice president and professor at ESSEC Business School, investigates

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Business Impact: What does your business stand for?
corporate social responsibility

What does your business stand for?

Public opinion increasingly represents a clear and present threat to business and it will be difficult to remain relevant unless businesspeople can clearly state what they stand for, says Five Horizons author, Steve Sanders

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A white and brown dog propped up with his two front paws looking outside a window. Business Impact article on Why businesses must develop greater integrity.
corporate social responsibility

Why businesses must develop greater integrity

There is a need for more integrity and a greater depth of character among leaders, says B-Corp Ambassador, Paul Hargreaves, pointing out that SMEs often get away with not doing the right thing because of their size

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corporate social responsibility

Preparing tomorrow’s leadership for climate change

Schools must help tomorrow’s leaders take decisions together, with those from several areas of expertise, while understanding how these decisions will affect different groups in different ways across the world, say the University of Gothenburg’s Thomas Sterner and Åsa Löfgren.

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corporate social responsibility

Climate crisis demands better leadership from business schools

The University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business’s Ralph Hamann says schools need to be proactive when it comes to climate change and ensure that system viability, and not just competitiveness, is a business priority at the forefront of managers’ attention and capabilities.

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corporate social responsibility

The field of change

Nino Zambadhikze, MBA graduate and Head of the Georgian Farmers Association, talks about her career journey, current goals and the need for greater investment in women in business

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