A dark Sci-fi landscape of mountains on an unknown world with two moons on a night horizon symbolises brave new worlds.

Understanding the media industry’s brave new worlds

‘Like one of the outer moons of our solar system; exotic, constantly evolving, febrile, white hot [and] relentlessly volcanic…’ The National Film and Television School’s Alex Connock outlines the importance of understanding today’s media landscape and developing confidence in all of its commercial forms

Here are two working professionals in a joyful conversation sitting at a table in an office space environment. The table has an open laptop, notepad, books and a turquoise coloured potted plant of grass.
course design

Impacting the community through student projects

Amizan Omar details the Bradford Business Challenge projects undertaken by final-year undergraduate students as part of the University of Bradford School of Management’s commitment to serve and make an impact on the largest meaning of ‘community’

Lightbulb glowing white with cartoon facial features and a metallic arm pointing upright; this is symbolic of innovation and ideas. Business Impact article from Leading change and inspiring lifelong learning.

Innovation for success in business education

Leaders from Rolls-Royce, PwC and the European Space Agency on how innovation will impact the business world, and what this means for business education. Highlights from a session at the AMBA & BGA Festival of Excellence

Two diverse hands are shaking. One hand has a long white sleeve, and the other has a silver bracelet with a black shirt sleeve—Symbolic to partnerships and diversity. Business Impact article on Strategic Business School partnerships.
business school strategy

Strategic Business School partnerships

Representatives from AccorHotels, Telefónica and Blue Prism offer advice and insights on the best way to forge mutually beneficial relationships between the worlds of business education and industry

Illustration of green forests. Business Impact article image for connecting with communities to deliver value.
business school strategy

Connecting with communities to deliver value

Sankar Sivarajah, Head of the School of Management at the University of Bradford, outlines the School’s community connections and outlook on widening access to quality management education. Interview by Tim Banerjee Dhoul

Business Impact article image for The continuing quest for knowledge.
lifelong learning

The continuing quest for knowledge

Lifelong learning research from AMBA & BGA shows that more than a third of graduates have sought to continue their education beyond their studies, and outlines their areas of interest. David Woods-Hale reports

Business Impact article image on Strategy is not just for organisations.

Strategy is not just for organisations

People need to plot their course for the future as much as firms, and using the same processes deployed by organisations can help develop your career strategy, says Saïd Business School’s Kathryn Bishop

School Content

The case for gender-balanced Business Schools

Business Schools wishing to influence the business world must walk the talk with regards to gender balance and inclusion, and right now there are still far fewer women than men achieving professorships, says Automotive 30% Club Founder, Julia Muir

business school strategy

Moving beyond COVID-19: TAPMI, India

How have Business Schools been working to move past the pandemic, both in the short and longer term? Insights from Madhu Veeraraghavan, a Director and Professor of Finance at TAPMI, Manipal


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