The Change Mindset in the BGA Book Club

The Change Mindset

Andy Craggs

Kogan Page

Change and uncertainty aren’t going away. You can help your team navigate the storm and embrace them.

Why do teams fail when it comes to dealing with change and navigating uncertainty?

The Change Mindset defines the common traps that lead to failure; from not allowing yourself to reimagine the possible, to doubting yourself and your team.

Leading through change requires business leaders to be courageous and to show empathy, both for themselves and their people. Steeped in behavioural and organisational psychology analysis, the book is designed to catapult you to developing meaningful and long-lasting adaptability and resilience in the face of uncertainty.

Andy Craggs is a Director of Executive Education at London Business School.

Creating cultures of change: how Business School leaders can energise and enable their institutions – read an article from the author of The Change Mindset exclusively in BGA’s Business Impact magazine.

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