The Anti-Racist Organization in the BGA Book Club

The Anti-Racist Organization

Shereen Daniels


How can business leaders change workplace practices to create a more anti-racist and equitable environment?

The Anti-Racist Organization offers practical strategies for tackling systemic racism in the workplace.

Topics covered include how to push past discomfort to lead change credibly and authentically, and why it’s important to empower colleagues to be pioneers of change. The book also offers explanations of why existing diversity and inclusion initiatives haven’t yet solved the problem.

Shereen Daniels is Chair of the African Diaspora Economic Inclusion Foundation and Managing Director of HR rewired.

BGA members are able to receive a 20% discount off the RRP for The Anti-Racist Organization (print edition ISBN: 9781119880622) when purchased direct from Just enter the promo code BUS21 (or BUC21 for members in Canada) when prompted.

We live in a racialised society – read an excerpt from The Anti-Racist Organization on Business Impact.

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