BGA Book Club - front cover of the book Burn by Mei XU


Mei Xu


The American Dream continues to resonate with immigrants from around the world. Millions of people hope to build a better life for themselves and their families in the US, often by creating and growing new ventures and companies. While not everyone succeeds, many do. Mei Xu is one of those successes.

Burn tells a story of ingenuity, determination and luck that spans three decades. It also details how Xu built a multi-million-dollar company, met and counselled thousands of entrepreneurs and businesspeople, and even advised former US president, Barack Obama, on the topic of job creation.

Burn is designed to inspire you to follow your vision and have an impact on the world around you.

BGA members are able to receive a 20% discount off the RRP for Burn (print edition ISBN: 9781119695929) when purchased direct from Just enter the promo code BUS21 (or BUC21 for members in Canada) when prompted.

How prioritising prices has hurt businesses, consumers and the planet – read an article by the author of Burn, exclusively on Business Impact.

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