Front cover of the book, Brand Tuned, The new rules of branding, strategy and intellectual property by Shireen Smith.

Brand Tuned

Shireen Smith

Practical Inspiration Publishing

‘The new rules of branding, strategy and intellectual property’

A strong, authentic brand is what makes your business stand out from the crowd – and what drives long-term success. But the branding industry can be an overwhelming minefield, full of conflicting advice and multiple disciplines – so how do you navigate your way through the process?

Brand Tuned is a branding guide that aims to show you how to create and build the brand that is right for you and your business – while avoiding the potential pitfalls by incorporating the principles of intellectual property law right from the start of the process.

Shireen Smith is the Founder of Azrights, an intellectual property law firm.

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Why brands shouldn’t focus on meaning – read an article from the author of Brand Tuned exclusively on Business Impact.  

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