Alive at Work

Daniel M Cable 

Harvard Business Review Press

Daniel M Cable explores why so many people feel disengaged at work and how the problem can be solved. In Alive at Work, Cable explains that disengagement isn’t a motivational problem, but it is a biological one because mammals’ brains are not built for routine and repetition.

To fix this problem, from the point of view of an organisation, Cable explains that there need not be an overhaul of organisational culture and organisations must use the idea that people like change to their advantage. He says: ‘The potential is already flowing right under the surface — you just need to access it to get employees lit up.’ Alive at Work focuses on areas such as encouraging people to bring their best selves to work, building creative environments and enhancing people’s connections. Alive at Work is the guide organisations need to tap into the passion, creativity and purpose that is beneath the surface of every employee.

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