LATAM Capacity Building Workshop:
Training Latin American Faculty to be Agile and Innovative


Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, faculty members have been forced to adopt and change the way they interact with students and how they adopt various teaching/learning technologies. Many business schools and universities have since realised the importance of having faculty who are innovative and agile by nature, as it gives them the flexibility to adapt and teach under a number of unique circumstances.

This Third LATAM Capacity Building Workshop will bring up real examples of how two business schools in Latin America have implemented new training schemes and relaxed prescriptive measures to support faculty agility and innovation, as well as the impact of their measures and what it will mean for their respective schools in the future. The schools will also provide their own recommendations for how an institution can go about supporting faculty agility and innovation.

Meet the speakers


Latin American Advisor

Dr Veneta Stefanova Andonova Zuleta

Veneta Andonova, Dean of Universidad de los Andes and BGA speaker for the Third Latin American Capacity Building Workshop.

Dr Gaston

Gaston Labadie, Members of the AMBA & BGA Latin America Advisory Council

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